Mom claims God gave her genital HERPES as a ‘wake-up call’ to turn life around and love herself

A mom has claimed that God gave her genital herpes as a ‘wake-up call’ to turn her life around, sort her finances out, and learn to love herself again. Alexandra Harbushka, 39, from Las Vegas, Nevada, was first diagnosed with herpes in 2011, when she caught it from someone she was dating. Alexandra contracted the … Read more

Olivia Newton-John’s incredible family: Her father was an MI5 agent and grandfather Max Born

Olivia Newton-John, who died yesterday aged 73, rose to fame playing Sandy in the 1978 movie Grease. But while her story is one of glitz, glamour and international stardom, her father, Brinley, or ‘Brin’, spent much of his life in the shadows.  As an MI5 agent and Bletchley Park codebreaker, then an acclaimed educator, Brin’s career … Read more

‘From prison to paradise:’ Students INSANE dorm transformations go viral

This year’s influx of new college freshmen are kicking off the school year with a real bang by transforming their dreary and drab dorm rooms into luxurious residences that have left social media users in awe.   As the new academic year begins, so too has the latest round of astonishing dorm room transformations – something … Read more

Watch what you emoji! How corporate usage of emojis could land you in hot water at work

Emojis have become a key part of corporate communications thanks to the pandemic – which saw a huge surge in the number of people forced to chat with their colleagues over online applications like Slack and Zoom.  However, while emojis are seen by some as an ideal way to quickly and effectively express their thoughts … Read more

iPhone 14 will have a bigger camera bump, come in purple and ditch the display notch, leaks suggest

Apple’s latest device, the iPhone 14, is not due to be unveiled until next month, but the rumour mill has been churning as fans speculate about what it will look like. The series will reportedly include an iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max and an iPhone 14 Pro Max, but no iPhone Mini. Insiders have already … Read more

Princess Charlotte reveals her favourite sport is gymnastics at Commonwealth Games 

Princess Charlotte was on her best behaviour as she shook hands with sporting VIPs on a second Commonwealth Games visit with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge today – and proudly revealed her favourite sport is gymnastics  The little royal, seven, joined her mother Kate Middleton, 40, and her father Prince William, 39, for a … Read more

Kate Middleton and Prince William are joined by Princess Charlotte to watch the Commonwealth Games  

Princess Charlotte was the star of the show today as she joined her parents Prince William and Kate Middleton in Birmingham to cheer athletes competing in the Commonwealth Games. The Duchess of Cambridge, 40, was in high spirits as she arrived at the tournament alongside her husband the Duke, and their seven-year-old daughter, where they … Read more

The alternative medicines that actually work, according to the world’s leading expert

When people think of ‘alternative’ medicine, they often associate it with charlatans, quacks and pseudoscience. But research suggests some remedies once written off as bunk may in fact help treat a range of conditions, from pain to depression, and even cancer. Last week, a US study claimed to show for the first time that mindfulness meditation … Read more

Manipulated results in Alzheimer’s study with gave false hope to families, scientists say

Science leaders are demanding a crackdown on medical research fraudsters, warning that the worst offenders pose a threat to public health and should be handed prison sentences. And they have also called for academic journals that publish dodgy data to be slapped with hefty fines if they fail to act swiftly when fakes are exposed. … Read more

Google DeepMind AI reveals 3D structure of 200 million proteins contained in EVERY living thing

Google’s DeepMind artificial intelligence has revealed the 3-D structure of 200 million proteins that are contained in every living organism – enabling scientists to instantaneously access in-depth information on the building blocks of life.  Scientists used to spend many months or years to understand the structure of proteins prior to the AI program known as … Read more